Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Jul 2016

One monthly Goal: the result

At the beginning of this month I decided to sign up to Heidis One monthly goal party (here)

I have to admit at the beginning of this week  I didn't think I was going to make it this month.

I decided that I might not make it, but I was going down trying.

It then came out that I actually had already done most of the hard work. All that was left to do was sew inside and outside together.

 Turned out  I even had time to hand stitch the binding. That does make such a difference. I think this might be my first sew together bag where I didn't break one or more (machine)needles.

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This one was also part of my FAL Q3 list
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25 Jul 2016

Bee Blocks July

It is getting to that time of the month....

Amsterdam Quilt Block for Christiane of the MCQ Bee
This month was a good month for bee blocks, not only were they easy to make I had also never made either. I love it when that happens.

X-Block for Steffi of the Fleissige Beenchen Bee
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18 Jul 2016

miniature Blocks

A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by Karen who posted a tutorial for a pixel play pincushion.
She in her turn was introduced to this technic through a book written by Paula Doyle called Mini Mosaic Quilts.
The technic is quite simple and virtually fool proof. I used H200 fuseable fleece. For more details check Karens post out, she wrote an excellent tutorial. 

This technic is exactly the reason why I hold on to even the tiniest scrap. I had some 2" HST scraps left over from some flying geese units I made and decided to have a play.

And because the 2" HST blocks generated left overs themselves I even made a mini version of the miniature pincushions I created.

The bigger pincushions finished at 3", the plus block one is 2,5" x 2" perfect fit for my sew together bag.

What I especially love about this is that it is so incredibly versatile and quick to make with a small dip into the scrap basket.

These are just the beginning, because I am totally in love with this technic. Next I will try to work little blocks in a pouch or journal cover. The sky is the limit.

I am linking to Modern Patch monday today.

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10 Jul 2016

Happy Birthday

This week was all about my daughters birthday party. She asked for an owl party in a local forrest school. Every year I am frustrated by the party bags available in the shops. There is hardly any space in them, they can't even hold a pencil. 

This year I decided not to get frustrated but got sewing instead and made some. Roughly based on a tutorial from Jeni Baker I made some owl drawstring bags fitting the owl themed birthday. Every child got a bag with an initial and an owl appliqu├ęd on it.

Even without being stuffed with sweets, the bags were a real hit
Tomorrow as every monday I am hosting the Modern patch monday linky party over at Modern Cologne Quilter blog. Please join me if there is any patchwork sewing you would like to share. We'd love to see you there.
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3 Jul 2016

a case of paying it forward

At the end of May I unexpectedly received this great parcel from the lovely Sandra

I have followed Sandras blog for a while now. She too is a dutch person living abroad plus there is the Ireland connection. I am married to an Irish man and she lives in County Cork, Ireland. In June Last year she posted a post about crafting it forward. I had heard and seen people do this before, but was never able to participate. 

I love the idea of paying it forward. The idea is that you make/craft something for someone and send it to them, that person in turn will then do the something for other people. There is no tit for tat, but it is just doing a nice thing for someone else. If everybody did this the world would be a nicer place. I find it hard not the be inspired by this.

So I guess it is my turn: 
Please respond to this post. From the comments I will pick 3 people that I will surprise at some point over the over the next 6 months with  something handmade in the mail. In the hope/understanding that they in turn may be inspired to do something similar.

So what do you say, are you up for it?

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2 Jul 2016

OMG Red letter quilts

So Yesterday I posted about goals for the next quarter here. Now how do you eat an elephant?

So it makes sense to split it up in (at least) one monthly goal(s). So for this month I wanted it to be :

to finish my sew together bag

It has been partially assembled for a while now, let's just get on with it and finish it.

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1 Jul 2016

Finish A Long Q3: kickstarting again

Today is the first of the month. I love the first of the month. It is like a new notebook, you know when back in the schooldays you would put in extra effort to keep it neat and tidy? Realistically it very lasted more then 3 pages, but the feeling remains, still.
As the year began I decided to sit out this years round of FAL. Now half way into the year I found that without a list to work too it is very easy to let things slip, which was ok if not necessary for a while. For the 100 day project (which I abandoned half way through) I focussed on my WIP, like so many times before I learnt the hard way (again) that balance is of the essence. So here I am again with some old and some new projects for a Q3 list.

Project 1: 5 Placemats
These were on my Q4 list 2015(!). Maple leaf placemats. Better get them done before fall is over.

Project 2: Tabelrunner

With the planned placemats it seems predictable to make a table runner as well. Maybe I prioritise the  table runner higher as it would look so lovely and would bring some colour now that the weather is only getting grey, dark and dreary.(This too was a left over from my Q4 2015 list)

Project 3: Tula Pink

After putting all that work in at the simply solids retreat (Sept 2015!), it seems a shame to not finish the last border and get it quilted. It would make a nice christmas present for Mr Crazybird and myself.

Project 4: Economie UFO

I want to use this UFO as part of another ESTB quilt I am planning
An UFO that I would like to hand quilt. The blocks come from a Bloggers BOM I followed.

Project 5: Bloggers Block UFO
One of my oldest UFOs I wanted to use this one to practise some hand quilting on.

Project 6: Blueberry park Quilt
I designed my own quilt and want to make it with my Blueberry Park stash.

Project 7: Sewtogether bag
Ever since my first course of the sew together bag I had one half finished sewtogether bag lying around, that one needs to be finished up.

One of the things that became more obvious to me in the time of slow blogging is that my main reason to start blogging was so that I have a way of journalling my projects and processes. So with linking up to FAL will also help me to blog more hopefully.

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